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Haley is not only the owner and founder of Lavender Landscape, but is also a licensed contractor which makes her a resource for not only design excellence but construction efficiency. She graduated from Arizona State University with a multi-disciplinary degree in landscape architecture and interior design, and has been working in luxury landscape design and build since 2003. Haley is a Midwest girl with an Arizona heart, and can be found in work boots and jeans on the job site when she isn’t dressed up at design presentations. As the Boss Lady, she has an incredible sense of humor, and loves boating and camping with her family.




Construction cad technician


Claudia is our expert when it comes to drafting landscape and construction CAD plan sets. Her background includes an MLA in Landscape Architecture and an MUD in Urban Design from Arizona State University. She also holds a BA in Landscape Architecture from China. Claudia has a strong decision making ability and loves the accuracy that comes with being a CAD designer. Claudia and Haley have previously worked together in luxury landscape design, and Claudia loves the family that has been built here at Lavender. She loves animals, hiking, and enjoys spontaneous travel adventures.

Tyler assists with all aspects of construction, sales and marketing and is Founder, Haley’s husband (and biggest fan!). He has been in the industry since 2017 and received a BS in Aviation Technology and Business management from USU. Tyler loves getting to create home and outdoor living spaces that foster friends and family quality time. He strives to create a work environment that allows individual employees to achieve their highest potential while ensuring they have the opportunity to experience life outside of work! On weekends, he can be found flipping & building new homes in Idaho, riding dirt bikes, or getting some outdoor time with the family.


We're Lavender Landscape Design Co.

Meet our experienced team of landscape architects, designers, and construction experts, who are committed to bringing landscape dreams in the Arizona Valley to life! As passionate outdoor enthusiasts from all across Phoenix, we thrive on creating beautiful and functional outdoor living spaces that exceed your expectations. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and let us bring your vision to life!




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Brett oversees the Design Team at Lavender Landscape. Brett has 8 years of design and construction experience in commercial and residential landscapes, but realized residential design was his passion because he enjoys the relationships he gets to build with each of his team members throughout the company. He holds a BS in Landscape Architecture from Arizona State University. He is inspired to learn about his clients’ visions and collaborating with them to create their dream outdoor spaces. On the weekends you can find Brett at the local brewery, road tripping someplace new, or on an adventure outside with his wife, baby boys, and his 4 dogs. 



Jim specializes in planning and permitting here at Lavender and before he was our official procedural expert and is inspired in educating homeowners on their landscape potential by helping transform their spaces to give clients a deep sense of enjoyment in their outdoor living. Jim has an MLA in Landscape Architecture from ASU, a BA in Geology from SU, and an MS in Hydrogeology from WSU. Prior to entering residential landscape, he worked in 2D drafting and as a registered Geologist for 15 years! His passions include gardening, reading, ​investing, and playing simulation games in his free time!



Hannah is a Lavender success story as she started at the company as our Project Engineer, but told leadership from the start her goal was to be a designer! After being mentored in Lavender's creative process, she's now a highly talented & valuable member of the design team. Hannah moved from Washington 6 years ago and holds an AS in Interior Design from MCC with a certificate in Interior Merchandising. She loves helping people live their best lives while working in a fun and encouraging environment. In her spare time, she loves to hang out with her boyfriend and 2 big dogs, Nova and Kuechly. They love to watch sports together and you can often find her being creative with DIY projects or cooking and baking.

level ii designer


Tristan is a detail-oriented team player with a friendly attitude and a passion for bringing clients' dreams to fruition. Tristan completed his Associate's Degree in his Northern Minnesota hometown before transferring to an American University in Vienna, Austria, and finishing his BA in International Relations at the University of Minnesota. His career has advanced quickly since moving to Arizona in 2021 - quickly climbing the ladder from a landscape and design job to becoming an amazing purchasing agent! When he's not working, he enjoys swimming, exercising, hiking, and cooking Thai food.


Bill leads and manages our Construction department here at Lavender. Bill has been in the industry for over 20 years, starting his own residential remodeling business after college and was a head manager at The Home Depot for 10 years as well. He graduated from Trinity International University in IL with a BS in Business Management & Marketing, He is inspired by the talented team that surrounds him and how everyone works to build amazing projects together. Bill enjoys wood-working, remodeling projects, hiking, and running - basically anything outdoors! His favorite sports are football, basketball, and baseball, and he loves playing all these sports with his kids. 


Senior construction manager

Calena works as our Office Administrator and helps keep management of the office as needed. She is an expert when it comes to administration and human resources. She has worked for large Fortune 100 companies throughout her career and started her own accounting business in 2015. Calena graduated from the UOP with a Business degree and certificate in human resources. Calena's favorite part about working at Lavender is getting to be surrounded by artists that inspire her! She enjoys getting to hang out with her “Golden Girlfriends” in her free time and loves fishing, crocheting, and reading. 


Office Administrator

Level iii Designer

DESIGN Coordinator

Mitch oversees the transformation of backyards into private resorts through the construction process from start to finish. He has over 20 years of remodeling and repairing rentals homes and at one point coordinated 8 builders across 12 neighborhoods! He graduated from ASU in 2010 with a BS in Business Administration and considers one of his biggest strengths to be the ability to communicate and develop solutions to bring a plan together. Mitch loves spending time with his family; whether they are mountain biking in Moab, visiting his great-great-grandpa's homestead in the mountains, or if they are cheering for him and his local dodgeball team to victory here in Arizona or at the 2023 International Invitation in Italy!






Alyssa supports Lavender as the keeper of keys for all office administration which includes: office operations, human resources, and hiring. She studied at BYU with an emphasis in Humanities and History, but has been working in the construction industry for the past 7 years in various office management positions. Alyssa believes one of her greatest strengths is her ability to laugh and talk with just about anyone. When she isn't at work she enjoys singing and recording covers of her favorite songs to share with her family, Maori (Polynesian) dancing, reading, card games, and discussing tv, movies, music, culture, and sports 


Brian works with our clients to design their dream outdoor living space, utilizing both 2D & 3D design. Brian has been in the design industry for over 15 years doing Graphic Arts & Landscape design at the Phoenix Home & Garden magazine before making the move to the landscape world. Brian has a BS in Graphic Design from Arizona State University and his motivation for the work comes from the opportunity to create something uniquely impactful for each client that can be enjoyed at many levels. When not at work, Brian loves camping, fishing, and hiking with his wife, their 2 children, and their dog. They frequent Pinetop and LA often, and he especially loves white sand beach vacations.


As a design coordinator, Adam stimulates our revenue growth while providing energy and momentum to us and our clients' projects! He attributes his work ethic to being raised on a Texas ranch, earning the badge of "Bering Sea Fisherman", and his time in the Marine Corps. Adam earned an Associates in Science from Mesa Community and has worked a majority of his career in construction or restaurant management. To Adam life is all about people! And the true and honest mission Lavender's people are pursuing inspires him everyday. He loves nature and tries to get outdoors as much as possible. He also recently started training for off-road triathlons and is wanting to experience the world via delicious food.


As a Superintendent, Matt is our clients' main point of contact during construction as he manages all the material and labor for their project. Matt just moved to Arizona from his home state of Georgia where he graduated with a BFA in Industrial Design from the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD), and has worked as a super in the construction industry for 5+ years. Matt believes the abilities that have helped him throughout his career are his problem solving skills, attention to detail, and his ability to highly organize. He is inspired everyday by his colleagues here at Lavender as he sees their own skills and ambitions.


As a CAD Tech, Matthew interprets designers' ideas and transfers them into our design program to accurately read, price, and convey our clients dreams. While this is Matthew's first industry job after graduating from ASU with a BA in Landscape Architecture, he has worked in the service department of a local Cadillac dealership for 5+ years. He is inspired to do his best here at Lavender by working with all of the different designs and ideas that he encounters on a day-to-day basis. Some hobbies of his include visiting car shows on the weekend, spending time outdoors, sketching urban designs/buildings, and loves visiting California for Disneyland and it's beaches!


level iii designer

level ii designer





Johanna works within our 3D rendering program to create our clients' backyard getaways. She is self-taught in her technical design abilities and has worked within the landscape industry for 5+ years. Johanna attended Portland Community College for interior design and has always considered her greatest strengths to be her artistic eye, passion for creativity, and an enjoyment for working with people. Other things that Johanna loves are downhill and mogul racing, which she competed in throughout high school and college. She enjoys oil painting, camping, skiing, and traveling with her family which includes her husband, their two beautiful daughters, and their 3 dogs.


Oscar comes to Lavender with over 22 years of experience in designing and creating beautiful landscapes throughout the Phoenix Valley. For his education, Oscar attended Mesa Community College before transferring to ASU and earning his Bachelor's degree in General Art. He considers his ability to free hand all of his projects with details and high-level communication skills are what have brought him so much success within the industry. He is motivated by his wanting to always win, whether with design or at basketball, and his family. Beyond work Oscar loves to travel, play board games, eat wonderful food, and drink delicious wine and beer. 



Max is Lavender's brand ambassador and connoisseur as he creates and directs all marketing campaigns across our digital platforms! Before joining Lavender, Max ran an independent marketing agency that specialized in the transportation industry for 5+ years while also receiving his Bachelors in Industrial Design with a Minor in Advertising from Arizona State University. He is inspired everyday at Lavender by our commitment to creating outdoor living spaces that focus on how people live rather than simply how they look (though they also look great!) You can find Max on the weekends either working on vehicles or creating his own artwork.



Owner Assistant

Davey is Haley's personal assistant and takes directives from her to ensure that daily tasks and operations run smoothly throughout the company. Davey has an extensive background in customer service and management, working over 10+ years in the hospitality industry before coming to Lavender Landscape. He also has many years of leadership and organizational skills that, in part, come from his passion for dance as he earned a BFA in Dance from ASU and has been a dance instructor since he was a teenager. Davey is inspired personally by Haley herself and the drive she has to succeed makes him want to perform at his maximum level as well.


level iii designer

Jerry is driven by a passion for crafting personalized outdoor spaces that resonate with our valued clients. With over 20 years of dedicated experience in the landscape industry, Jerry boasts a diverse portfolio encompassing a variety of public and private projects across the state. He earned his BA in Landscape Design from the University of Oregon and is particularly drawn to the seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces in his designs. He believes this integration enhances the experience and connection with nature, enriching those who reside in these spaces. Beyond his professional endeavors, Jerry leads a fulfilling life as a devoted father, raising four remarkable boys who bring boundless joy and energy into his world.


Accounting Manager

cad technician


DESIGN Coordinator

DESIGN Coordinator

Derek's BIO


Xan (Alexander) oversees the planning & execution of our client's dream project from the initial walkthrough to attending the inaugural pool party at completion! Before joining Lavender, Xan ran his own media marketing company and received his AS in Business Management/Finance from Clark College in Washington State. He loves showing up everyday knowing that our work enhances our clients' lives and brings them a special and unique joy. Outside of the office, Xan has a passion for music and has been playing both the piano & saxophone for 10+ years. He also loves to travel and plans on visiting all 7 continents (only 3 more to go!)



Project Manager





Level i Designer



level iii designer


Level i Designer


Project Manager




Bree works within the construction team, coordinating and managing all projects' scope of work to keep us on track as we build our clients' dream backyards. While Bree is new to the construction industry, with most of her career primarily in education, she is no stranger to coordination having been a head teacher or manager at several TESOL Institutions. She holds a BA in Spanish Teaching, a TESOL certificate, and an MA in Linguistics. Bree loves working with the awesome team at Lavender and experiencing the thrill of overcoming new challenges. You can catch Bree in her spare time reading, playing softball or racquetball, and participating in Polynesian culture dance groups, especially Māori dance & song.