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We're a women-owned business who loves outdoor design, living life to the fullest and clients who know some of the best memories are made in your own backyard. If you're into design that feels as if you just stepped into a luxury resort, you want your outdoor space custom crafted by expert designers who know how to make your style come to life. Welcome to a whole new outdoor lifestyle. Keep scrolling! We can't wait to meet you!

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Design Contracts range from
$5,000 - $10,000 based on scope 

Construction Build minimum is $30,000

Design Contracts range from $5,000 - $10,000 based on scope 
Construction Build minimum is $50,000

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First, you'll schedule a quick 15 minute call with our Client Coordinator who will answer any questions you have and schedule your complimentary onsite with one of our amazing designers. You'll walk the property and have a high level chat on whether your budget is realistic for your scope of work, which will help you determine whether it makes sense to move forward with us!

Our design contracts range from $5,000 - $10,000; this amount is a deposit paid up front that is credited back towards the cost of construction. It covers a 6-10 week collaborative design experience that includes 2D design plans, 3D renderings, material sampling, optional coordination of HOA, an itemized construction proposal, as well as multiple revision meetings, where we’re working with you to hone in on the design that you want at the price point you’re looking to achieve. Our construction minimum is $30,000 should you decide to build when the design is complete.

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Virtual tours are included with all design contracts

Design Contracts start at $5,000
Construction contracts start at $50,000

We started this company with a mission to treat our clients with the care and attention they deserve.  To honor this mission, we keep our book of business small.  Although we have over 75 years of landscape architecture and design experience, we are a luxury boutique design build firm and we intend to stay that way.  

While our initial consultation is always complimentary, all design projects require a design contract and deposit prior to plan production.  All design fees are discounted from construction contracts with Lavender.  This process helps us keep our overheads low and your construction proposals cost effective.  

We offer a tailored design experience to help you build the outdoor living space you've always dreamed of...

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We're Lavender Landscape Design Co.

Meet the team with over 75 years combined experience in landscape architecture, design and construction. We are dedicated to making your landscape dreams come true. We are a group of gals and guys who thrive on gorgeous outdoor living spaces and making our clients more than happy. We're looking forward to working with you!



director of


Haley is not only the owner and founder of Lavender Landscape, but is also a licensed contractor which makes her a resource for not only design excellence but construction efficiency. She graduated from Arizona State University with a multi-disciplinary degree in landscape architecture and interior design, and has been working in luxury landscape design and build since 2003. Haley is a Midwest girl with an Arizona heart, and can be found in work boots and jeans on the job site when she isn’t dressed up at design presentations. As the Boss Lady, she has an incredible sense of humor, and loves boating and camping with her family.


Brett oversees the Design Team at Lavender Landscape. Brett has 8 years of design and construction experience in commercial and residential landscapes, but realized residential design was his passion because he enjoys the relationships he gets to build with each of his team members throughout the company.. He holds a BS in Landscape Architecture from Arizona State University. He is inspired to learn about his clients’ visions and collaborating with them to create their dream outdoor spaces. On the weekends you can find Brett at the local brewery, road tripping someplace new, or on an adventure outside with his wife, baby boys, and dog.and his 4 dogs. 

Calena works alongside our other accountant, Shari, to help manage all accounting functions as needed. She is an expert when it comes to QuickBooks, understanding of GAAP, payroll, and human resources. She has worked for large Fortune 100 companies throughout her career and started her own accounting business in 2015. Calena graduated from the UOP with a Business degree and certificate in human resources. Calena's favorite part about working at Lavender is getting to be surrounded by artists that inspire her! She enjoys getting to hang out with her “Golden Girlfriends” in her free time and loves fishing, crocheting, and reading. 

Claudia is our expert when it comes to drafting landscape and construction CAD plan sets. Her background includes an MLA in Landscape Architecture and an MUD in Urban Design from Arizona State University. She also holds a BA in Landscape Architecture from China. Claudia has a strong decision making ability and loves the accuracy that comes with being a CAD designer. Claudia and Haley have previously worked together in luxury landscape design, and Claudia loves the family that has been built here at Lavender. She loves animals, hiking, and enjoys spontaneous travel adventures.

Jordan is the Director of the business and wrangler of all things, like generating leads, organizing operations, and leading the various departments at Lavender. Before this, she was working in the aerospace industry, designing space suits overseas and supporting 3D printed rocket design. After recently leaving her career to live a slower-paced life, Jordan moved back to Arizona to use her expertise to support small businesses in the valley. . She loves sipping tiki cocktails while reading by the pool and enjoys watching anime and playing video games. Jordan attended Arizona State University and graduated from FIDM with a degree in Product Development.



Justin constructs plans and details in AutoCAD at Lavender. He has a great understanding of Arizona desert planting, landscape design and sustainable approaches. He used to work as a furniture builder and business owner before transitioning into the design field. He graduated from ASU with a BS in Landscape Architecture and is certified in ArcGIS and Geospatial Technology. Justin finds his motivation in developing and implementing his design knowledge into a personalized landscape. He spends his free time designing furniture and curating antique furniture. He loves to cycle and visit his friends and family in New York City.



Lingyu uses computer-assisted drafting systems (CAD) to draft residential-scale drawings and tracings from rough sketches provided by our designers. He plays a key role in ensuring our construction plans are nothing but perfect so our crews know exactly what to build. Lingyu has been in the field for a total of 7 years, and holds a Landscape Architecture Master Degree from Texas A&M University and a Horticulture bachelor degree from Beijing university of Agriculture. Throughout the years, he has mastered the skills of CAD, Lumion 3D, Sketchup and even 3D Modeling. Lingyu loves to explore by going on road trips in his freetime. 




Hailee is Lavender’s Jill-of-all-Trades, specializing in 3D design and training Senior Designers on Lavender design methods. She partners with the owner on the company's larger jobs, adding a high level of communication and organization to any and all projects she touches. She previously worked in commercial landscape architecture, where she realized that residential landscape design was her true passion. Hailee loves seeing her designs and client’s dreams come to life at Lavender Landscape. She loves  getting active with her pup and escaping to Hawaii once a year.. She holds a BA in Landscape Architecture from Arizona State University.


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Cindi has always had an interest in anything and everything creative, from creating textiles to designing interior spaces. Although she's primarily self-taught, Cindi has been working in the pool and landscape industry for many years. Cindi's top skills are in collaborating with clients and managing expectations. Being a cosmetologist for 20 years and a real estate agent for 10 has allowed Cindi to help clients see the creative potential in their every day lives at home. She wishes she had more time for sewing and finds happiness in singing in the church choir. Cindi and her husband have 6 kids and 2 boxers who all live a highly outdoor lifestyle.



Brian manages the entire construction team, procurement, and schedule of each project at Lavender. He has been working in the high-end custom landscape design-build for almost 8 years. Brian worked his way up from a CAD Designer to 3D Designer, then ventured over to the construction realm as a Construction Manager, Area Manager and then Senior Project Manager before finally finding a home at Lavender. He graduated with a BA in Construction Management and Business Administration. Brian finds his motivation in fixing any problems that arise, so the end client is always satisfied with our product! In Brian’s free time, you’ll often find him hanging out with his dog, Riley!



Jim specializes in Plant Selection and AutoCAD 2D drafting within his design work that gives his clients a unique design that will look amazing and timeless for years to come. He finds inspiration in educating homeowners on their landscape potential by transforming those spaces to give clients a sense of place for enjoying their outdoor living spaces. Jim has an MLA in Landscape Architecture from ASU, a BA in Geology from SU, and an MS in Hydrogeology from WSU. Prior to entering residential landscape, he worked in 2D drafting and as a registered Geologist for 15 years! His passions include gardening, reading, ​investing, and playing simulation games in his free time!



Alli is extremely passionate about helping homeowners get in touch with nature by showing them the benefits having a beautiful outdoor space can add to their everyday lives. Alli always had an interest in architecture and design, so she attended the Herberger Design School at ASU and received her BA in Landscape Architecture. After interning, she decided to open a business in residential landscape design. She is excited about starting her next journey of being a designer with us! Alli loves exploring with her dog, Moxie, and is always up for a spontaneous adventure! She loves being able to travel around the world to spend time with her family and friends!  


Hannah ensures the accuracy of material breakdowns and coordinates product deliveries to align with project schedules. Hannah moved from Washington State 6 years ago and has been working in the industry for just over two years now. She has an associate degree in Interior Design from MCC with a certificate in Interior Merchandising. Hannah loves getting to help people live their best lives while working in a fun and encouraging environment. In her spare time, she loves to hang out with her boyfriend and 2 big dogs, Nova and Kuechly. They love to watch sports together and you can often find her being creative with DIY projects or cooking and baking.



Shari manages the finances and Accounting Team here at Lavender Landscape. She has previous experience working for starts up and has over 30 years experience in accounting management, Shari works to build the foundation for accounting by creating processes and training for teams, while also insuring the company's financial stability. She's is inspired by teamwork and loves how well everyone in the company works together to find success. Shari has her degree in Accounting from El Camino College. Outside of work, Shari enjoys travel, sporting events, and hanging out with friends, family,
and her 4 dogs. 


Tyler assists with all aspects of construction, sales and marketing and is Founder, Haley’s husband (and biggest fan!). He has been in the industry since 2017 and received a BS in Aviation Technology and Business management from USU. Tyler loves getting to create home and outdoor living spaces that foster friends and family quality time. He strives to create a work environment that allows individual employees to achieve their highest potential while ensuring they have the opportunity to experience life outside of work! On weekends, he can be found flipping & building new homes in Idaho, riding dirt bikes, or getting some outdoor time with the family.

Lavender Landscape is a women-led boutique luxury design and build company with over 75 years combined experience that takes a "family first" approach to our business & design style.  We keep a very small book of business filled clients we adore.  We treat your home as our own and your family takes center stage in our designs. From initial presentation to final construction walk, you'll know you are in good hands.  

You're in good hands with us...

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We believe in heirlooms.

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Our clients say it best in their own words.  We have a long list of references who would be happy to share their experience with Lavender Landscape Design Co. with you.   We hope to add you to our roster of raving fans!

“We now have the best yard in the neighborhood!”

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